Open Planet is a much needed project

The Open Planet team tries, by uniting compelling footage with top-tier scientific content, to provide the tools for everyone, everywhere to narrate the evolving story of our planet. This marvelous project continuously expands as a freely accessible visual repository, empowering individuals worldwide to make a global impact.

As This Is Colossal put’s it:

Climate science has a communication problem. Abstract data, figures, and projections into the distant future can be tough to comprehend. Without effective storytelling tools to convey the severity of the crisis and what’s at stake if we don’t act, it can be difficult to motivate the broader public to advocate for change.

The team at Open Planet wants to bridge that gap. A collaboration between Studio Silverback and Carnegie Mellon’s CREATE Lab, the new digital library contains a growing collection of climate and nature footage available for free use. Open Planet currently boasts some 4,500 clips that travel around the globe, from Bird Island off the Georgian coast to Brazil’s Jamari River to Pangti Village in western India. Documenting animals, plants, landscapes, and more, the footage is diverse in subject matter and captures visual evidence of some of the most pressing issues facing the world today.

This project not only deserves us to see the content created, but also our efforts to publicise it. It is an absolutely fundamental part of overcoming climate change.

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