Hello, I'm Bruno, and while I often wear multiple professional "hats," I mainly work as a UX Designer for a living. In essence, I assist business owners and teams in crafting user-friendly interfaces that deliver effective and enjoyable user experiences. It's a challenging endeavour, but I find immense satisfaction in this work.

Portrait by Miguel A. Lopes

Despite my professional focus, I consider myself fundamentally a curious individual and a polymath. My interests span across a wide range of subjects that continually pique my curiosity. To be honest, I thrive in environments and projects that emphasize discovery and learning.

Currently, I live in Lisbon where I lead UX design efforts at FCT, the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation. Here, my mission involves developing new-gen information systems for the national scientific community.

Before my current role, I served as a Designer and Manager at Instituto Superior Técnico and as a Lead UX Designer at Outsystems. In 2011, alongside my close friend Gustavo Pimenta, I co-founded SensesLab, an experience design collective. Through SensesLab, we embarked on exciting projects for clients such as Seedrs, Vodafone, Randstad, and many others.

I occasionally take on contract work, provided the project offers a compelling and engaging challenge. If you need some colaboration with your project drop me a line.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategy & User Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design / UI Design
  • Prototyping
  • Web Design & Frontend


This website uses Expletus Sans, Alegreya Sans and Inconsolata as typefaces and is built using Astro, a neat static site generator, for no special reason — mainly because it was a opportunity to learn a new tool. It's published on Netlify via a GitHub repository.