Friends, it’s been a long time. For the last few months I’ve been away from computers in my spare time. I think I needed a detox… what should I call it… a kind of digital detox .

I didn’t stop working, but I avoided being around computers whenever possible. I’ve tried to focus a bit more on family life and doing some things I’ve been meaning to do for a while, like getting my motorcycle licence.

I’ve also taken a break from reading, which means my books and my Kobo have been gathering dust on the shelf. I have to say that, contrary to what you might expect, it wasn’t complicated - I think I really needed this break. There’s a certain empowerment in freeing yourself from the idea that all your time has to be productive. It’s not. I was happy to be able to do it and not feel embarrassed about it.

I’ve slowly started to consume some digital content again, but I want to use the summer to spend more time outdoors, walking with the family. So I’ll be dropping in sporadically. I wish you all a wonderful summer. Enjoy it!