Darkmatter for your Astro

For those who utilize a Mac and leverage Astro for their web projects, there’s now an editor featuring a CMS-like interface for content creation called Darkmatter.

Darkmatter scans your Zod content collections schemas and generate an UI that represents your frontmatter in the editor sidebar — it’s a simple, but really smart idea. Aditionally, you can preview your document and publish it to your Git repository without leaving the app.

This will particularly appeal to individuals seeking an improved writing environment beyond what’s offered by a code editor like VS Code. It’s also beneficial for authors without a background in development who wish to avoid the technical details associated with a static site generator.

As it’s still in its early stages, don’t expect an abundance of features. For instance, you can’t currently select between Markdown or MDX for your files. Nonetheless, despite these limitations, it shows promise, and I’m confident that the developer Vadim Demedes has a roadmap in mind for its future development.

Did I mention that it’s mac only? Yeah, albeit being an Electron app at this moment there’s no luck for Windows users.